Cast steel castings

KGHM Zanam’s foundry specialises in manufacturing cast steel castings according to national and European standards, as well as its own specifications.

A large part of production includes high-manganese, abrasion-resistant steel of high-quality, that ensures a long service life of the spare parts for machines used in mining industry.

KGHM Zanam’s wide range of products includes items made of:

  • Structural carbon cast steel
  • Structural alloy cast steel
  • Cast steel for quenching and tempering and for saturation with high-strength and increased abrasion-resistance
  • Heat-resistant cast steel

All castings are subject to heat treatment processes carried out in a modern, fully automated furnaces (standardisation, annealing, solutioninig, quenching and tempering, etc.). Cast steel castings are produced in a wide range of weights, depending on the size and type of moulding.

Cast iron castings

The Foundry’s production offer includes castings made of grey cast iron and ductile cast iron, produced according to national and European standards. Technology of producing cast iron in electric arc furnaces provides a high-quality metal with the required chemical composition, properties and structure to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

The production offer includes castings made of:

  • Grey cast iron
  • Ductile cast iron
  • Alloy cast iron

Cast iron castings may be subject to heat treatment processes, depending on the requirements and needs of the