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Boxray Compact

Suitable for most concentrator plants, the Boxray Compact onstream analyzer has three measurement cells that are mounted on a sled that moves sideways. Two cells are used for sample streams and the third is adapted for a reference sample. Boxray Compact is equipped with a multiplex system that allows up to 16 sample streams, eight streams to each of the two measurement cells. The reference sample is analyzed on a configurable interval.

The analyzer automatically switches between the two measurement cells. When one cell is active, the other is cleaned and then filled with the next stream to be sampled and analyzed. The entire sampling cycle is optimized to work continuously, fast and effectively.

Versatile onstream analyzer

Boxray Compact is commonly used in base metal concentrator plants. Due to its high capability and versatility it is also the choice for a copper smelter, leaching plant or industrial water treatment plant. The analyzer’s slim design, high-performance and possibilities for tailored sampling systems make it an affordable solution. We have over 15 years of experience in these fields as a result.

Nine elements can be analyzed simultaneously, and percent solids. Staff can follow not only the main products of the plant, but also additional elements vital for process control. Energy dispersive XRF has many benefits and consequently our analyzers are very versatile and configurable. In addition to that, a remote desktop connection enables staff to work with the analyzer from the convenience of their office.

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