O-Pitblast represents a new chapter in the relationship between blast managers and mining operations: a new way to manage, measure, design and evaluate all blast cycle. A complete software suite aimed to plan, control and optimize.

Software for Microsoft Windows that allows engineers to import topographic data from their operation (mine, quarry, civil works), to plan all phases of the blasting operations (topography, drilling, loading, timing), to control the results of the application of explosives with a certain configuration, predict and control vibrations (damages generated) and fragmentation results.

O-Pitblast Platform features:

  • Topography Import terrain information, adjust bench bottom and generate contour lines
  • Free Face Import 3D Laser and borehole deviation information, identify critical burdens and borehole’s profile
  • Boreholes Capability to create, edit and manage borehole info, generate blast patterns and control geometrical configurations
  • Charging Create charge rules, plan decks and automatically load your blast
  • Timing Plan your blast tie-up with the available tools for any kind of detonators: non-electric, electric and electronic
  • Vibration Import vibration historical data, create attenuation laws and predict vibration
  • Fragmentation Fragmentation analysis (WipWare Inc.), prediction model and rock factor calibration