Large bearings in mining, mineral processing and cement machinery work hard in tough conditions. When bearings are removed from a machine because of wear, or another part of the machine needs repair, all the bearings are usually scrapped. This could be a costly mistake. With SKF industrial bearing inspection and remanufacturing services, there’s a more cost-effective way to increase the remaining life in your bearings and avoid long and costly replacement times. 

Why SKF Remanufacturing Services?

SKF has decades of expertise in bearing remanufacturing. It is carried out at dedicated remanufacturing centres with specialists following strict specifications.

After cleaning, components are inspected  polished and replaced if necessary. The bearings are restored to like new condition and provided a new warranty. SKF Remanufacturing service is a thorough process. The service can also be provided to large size bearing housings and save you millions in avoided new part and downtime costs. SKF bearings, unlike other brands can be remanufactured more than once and we can also remanufacture large size bearing housings.

Why scrap and replace when you can remanufacture?

  • Reduce replacement lead times
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Secure productivity
  • Reduce carbon footprint