Blaschke supplies an exhaust extraction system for mining excavators with two swivel arms.

The model has two swivels arms, one fixed arm that can rotate 180°, and a movable arm that runs along a rail from left to right (range up to 64m) and rotates 180°.

The system is fully controlled by remote control handset and central master panel.

Blaschke’s exhaust extraction system with swivel arm has a maximum boom length of 8m. It is mounted to the wall and expands to a length of more than 64m, with electric drives for turning, travel and four hoist devices, and corresponding radio remote control for all functions, as well as a idle ‘parking position’ in the hall centre.

The independent, operating vertical tube units with HT hoses DN 300, are heat-resistant up to 350°C, with continuous temperature stability up to 300°C.