The allflux®-process implements a creative use of the laws of physics, based on the fluidised bed principle.

The allflux separator separates lightweight material made of fine-grained substances, such as sand. The allflux treats the material in a two-step process, eliminating the need for pre-thickening. One single system combines high-efficiency and high-throughput.

The system is very simple; the allflux generates an upward current in the coarse sand chamber. Light and fine particles rise while coarse, heavy particles sink and are drawn off. In the fine sand chamber, which is the second stage of the process, fine particles form an autogenous fluidised bed, on which the lightweight material to be separated floats and spills over a weir. The fine sand product is discharged automatically from the bottom of the fine sand chamber. The flow and control equipment facilitates the generation of three highly selectively graded products by one machine. Process control is automatic.

The allflux has a throughput capacity of up to 2,000m² per hour. A top size of up to four millimeters can be easily processed. The advantages of the allflux have won recognition worldwide, sorting, separating, thickening and cleaning in one single step, the system speaks for itself.

allflux technology can be used for sand, coal, ore, and mineral sands.