albris is a sensor-rich mapping and inspection drone with the widest camera breadth of any civilian platform.

It was designed from the ground up to perform close inspections of bridges, buildings, and other structures with the goal of collecting high-resolution imagery and video.

The fully stabilized TripleView camera head allows the operator to capture high-resolution still images on demand and also switch between HD and thermal video imagery live during flight. The position of the TripleView camera allows for a 180° vertical range of motion, meaning the drone can capture imagery directly above and below the albris. This works well for bridge inspection as it is simple to collect imagery across the structure of a bridge, including the top and bottom of the bridge deck or truss structure.

albris also contains an array of onboard navigational cameras and ultrasonic sensors, which provide visual and proximity feedback to help operators see and avoid obstacles. This high level of operator awareness makes albris particularly suitable for sensitive or dangerous sites, such as cliff faces, flare stacks, bridges and more.

albris is capable of flying in environments with degraded or even no GPS coverage, such as below a bridge deck. Using our flight planning software (eMotion X), we can also create automated flight plans in order to create a full 3D model of the bridge itself and the surrounding structure.