Chesterton 170L is designed for sealing mineral-based process materials such as ores, limestone, coal, sugar, and phosphates. The innovative, non-clog seal uses a unique coil spring design in which the springs are located entirely outside the seal. It is engineered to fit Warman® AH® series pumps without modification.

The 170L uses a single clamping screw which simplifies seal removal in sticky or viscous fluids or where solids clog up the set screws. This seal has large clearance and rugged components designed to resist the effects of heavy slurry environments.

Runs longer in heavy abrasive slurries without the need for flush or quench water

  • Non-clog pressure plate design
  • Innovative pressure plate design
  • Springs located entirely outside the seal

Reliable design that addresses real-life slurry pumping conditions

  • Micropolished O-Ring surfaces eliminate O-Ring hang-up
  • Optimal balance for slurries
  • Line-to-line slurry faces
  • Stationary springs
  • High strength drives

Easy to maintain

  • Single clamping screw simplifies seal installation and removal
  • Integrated centering tabs
  • Washable in-service
  • In-field repairable
  • No quench and drain needed