A total of four miners have been reportedly killed following two separate accidents at coal mines in China.

According to state-run CGTN TV, one of the accidents took place on 4 June 2021 at an underground coal mine operated by Henan Hebi Coal and Electricity.

The accident was reportedly caused due to a gas outburst and resulted in the deaths of two miners while six miners are missing.

Search and rescue efforts has been launched to trace the missing miners. Of the 355 people working at the mine, 347 have been rescued.

Following the accident, an emergency response plan has been launched by the authorities in the central province of Henan.

Last month, Henan’s provincial government reportedly approved the reopening of Hebi’s another coal mine, which was closed on the ground of breaching regulations.

The second accident took place at accident at a coal mine in Jixi, northeast Heilongjiang, on 5 June 2021, according to CGTN TV.

All eight miners who went missing following the accident were rescued on 6 June.

Earlier this year, an explosion at the Hushan gold mine in northeast China left 22 miners trapped underground.

Days after the accident, 11 miners were rescued to safety at the mine, which is located in eastern Shandong province.

The accident follows a tragic incident at the Songzao coal mine in southwest China in September 2020.

The incident, which killed 16 of the 17 workers trapped in it, was caused due to excessive levels of carbon monoxide.