Austmine has partnered with India-based mining company Vedanta to improve ore transportation from two underground mines in India. 

In August 2022, Austmine and Vedanta signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to solve open innovation challenges in the mining industry. 

“It [the MoU] paves the way for great synergy between our two entities, combining the mining equipment, technology and services network of Austmine in Australia and Vedanta’s drive for technology excellence and innovation,” said Austmine’s director of international business, Robert Trzebski. 

The companies are currently seeking innovative solutions to transport ore from two underground mines: Rampura Agucha Mine (RAM) and Sindesar Khurd Mine (SKM). 

Ore transportation to the surface faces two major issues. First, the reliability of underground conveying systems and components, and second the ore hoisting systems and shaft infrastructure, Austmine’s official statement said. 

According to Austmine, the solutions need to be technologically equipped to improve the operations of underground conveyor systems, transfer chutes, hoppers and winder systems. 

Vedanta-owned RAM is the second-largest zinc mine in the world and produced an estimated 434,000 tonnes (t) of zinc in 2022. The SKM mine produced around 164,000t of zinc in the same year. 

The two companies have invited suppliers to submit short-term solutions by 16 June. Suppliers with the best solution will work directly with Vedanta to test the technology on-site.