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US committee proposes imposing royalties on hardrock mineral for EV production

In its new mining reform, the US has called for imposing royalties on US hardrock minerals on domestic land to speed up the permitting and leasing of mines.

US and Saudi in talks to secure metals from African nations

Amid the ongoing geopolitical tensions between the US and China regarding the critical minerals supply chain, Saudi is looking to buy $15bn worth of mining assets in some African countries.

Unusual undergrounds: opal mining and unique living in Coober Pedy 

The town of Coober Pedy produces the largest amounts of light opal in the jewellery industry.

Nigeria considers G20 membership, Tinubu to attend summit in India

As Nigeria assesses the benefits of a G20 membership, the Indian PM has invited Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, to attend the G20 Leaders Summit in New Delhi.

The nuclear icebreakers enabling drilling in Russia’s Arctic 

Russia, the US and China want to develop the Arctic. Here’s how Russia’s multifunctional nuclear vessel would expand shipping routes to Europe and Asia.

Survey shows 90% of gas buyers aim to achieve net-zero goals by 2040

Even though 90% of buyers aim to achieve net-zero goals by 2040, 42% are yet to implement efforts to achieve this.

Coral or Coal: Planning around the Great Barrier Reef 

What caused Australia’s first environmental block on a mine development? Smruthi Nadig digs into a story of coral and coal, and the unique risks surround the Great Barrier Reef.

Keeping up with cobalt: demand and opportunity in Australia 

Cobalt is one of the most versatile minerals, but concerns remain as to its extraction methods.

Austmine partners with Vedanta to improve ore transportation

The companies seek innovative solutions for ore transportation from India’s Rampura Agucha and Sindesar Khurd mines.

ESG and technological changes in Australia’s mining industry  

Following Future Metals’ announcement of a “breakthrough” in mining and processing at its Panton mine, Smruthi Nadig investigates the ESG implications of critical minerals recoveries at the sites.