As the world becomes more reliant on technological innovation, the mining industry is no exception. Internet of Things devices and cloud technologies are becoming increasingly commonplace in the sector, raising optimism that the flow of information, and the management of machinery and resources, will be approached with a new level of efficiency and efficacy.

But challenges remain, notably the technological infrastructure needed for such networks to operate on a large scale. This is especially pronounced in mining, where often the most attractive mineral deposits are not necessarily close to urban centres, introducing a new type of logistical challenge to the mix. Still, the future looks bright for cloud technologies in the sector.

Elsewhere, we ask what can be learned from some of the bigger mining accidents in 2022, and look at what the future could hold for drilling processes. We also investigate Africa in detail, looking at the efficacy of the continent’s governance, and consider how Zimbabwe is participating in the wave of resource nationalism.

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In this issue

Challenges and solutions: how mining could embrace the IOT cloud

A popular buzzword in tech circles, “the cloud” has significant impacts for the mining sector. Giles Crosse explores how improving access to data and enabling collaboration are key for firms looking to optimise production.

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Drilling for success: inside excavation innovation in mining

There are promising signs in mining, as one of the most critical elements of the industry – drilling – its committing to innovation and collaboration, as Andrew Tunnicliffe explains.

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Lessons to learn: what can be gained from mining accidents in 2022?

Hazardous working conditions at extraction sites have led to mining accidents. Smruthi Nadig asks what can be learned from these fatal events.

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Opinion: Africa needs improved governance to reap the full benefits of new mining projects

Jason Mitchell argues that the energy transition creates huge economic opportunities for African countries but that new mining projects must be balanced with environmental protection and a fair distribution of profits.

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Zimbabwe joins the latest wave of resource nationalism

Zimbabwe banned the exports of raw lithium ores in 2022, and then banned the exports of all raw mineral ores this year. Isabeau Van Halm explores the latest example of a wave of critical mineral resource nationalism.

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The abandoned mines haunting Indonesia

End-of-life care might seem like a nuisance, but unlimited liability presents more of a risk. Matt Farmer investigates.

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Next issue: training and skills

How do miners and mining companies respond to an industry lurching through some of the fastest and most dramatic technological innovation in its history? Training and education programmes are no longer an added benefit for some employees, but a necessity in such an industry as mining, and we consider how best they can be used to ensure workers possess the necessary skills for such roles.