An FDI approach for the new normal

26 June 2020

Unctad report paints a bleak picture for global FDI

Global FDI flows are expected to continue to fall until 2022, according to Unctad’s World Investment Report 2020, with new challenges arising alongside those posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

25 June 2020

Where now for British manufacturing?

The health of the UK’s manufacturing industry was a key topic in the run-up to the country’s Brexit vote. Ruth Strachan looks at how various sectors are coping with the...

24 June 2020

ESG comes to the fore amid Covid-19 crisis

Incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria was seen as a ticking box exercise for many companies. However, it has recently emerged as a deal-maker within an economic development community...

23 June 2020

Rethinking office space in a post-Covid environment

With the working from home revolution brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic unlikely to go away, a lack of future demand for office space is concerning investors, with many now...

3 June 2020

Governments to the rescue? How different countries will utilise infrastructure to emerge from Covid-19

The infrastructure sector looks set to be a key area for governments in the post-Covid-19 landscape, but, as Viola Caon discovers, strategies will differ depending on the financial resources available...

28 May 2020

Mind the gap: stimulus packages set to give developed countries post-Covid-19 advantage

Developing countries will face greater challenges to restarting their economies compared with their wealthy counterparts, based on the relative sizes of their Covid-19 stimulus packages. By Sofia Karadima


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