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Dry Jigging of Coal – Ten Years allair®

There are many advantages to upgrading coal with dry jigging technology. The most obvious is the lack of process water, which eliminates the need for fines dewatering and slurry confinement. Dry jigging eliminates the clean coal moisture penalty associated with wet processing. Particulate emissions are virtually non-existent due to inclusions of fabric dust collectors on all modern dry jig plants. Due to the environmentally kind nature of dry jig plants, installation permits are often measured in days, not months. Coupled with all these advantages there has been a fundamental advance in dry jigging efficiency. All of these advantages have renewed the coal industry's interest in dry jigging.

The first allair® was commissioned in 2002 in the USA and more than 70 followed in recent years.

This paper describes the advantages of the dry jig process. It also presents operating results from several dry coal beneficiation plants in the US, India, Columbia, Spain and Turkey.

To read more, please download this free white paper.

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