Velcon Releases Brochure on Clean Diesel Filtration

Diesel and biodiesel fuels may leave a refinery clean, but fuel quality can vary at the time it is dispensed due to contamination accumulated during transport and storage. Operators and engine manufacturers report that the majority of engine issues are due to dirt and/or water in the fuel. As diesel engines adopt more efficient high-pressure common rail systems (HPCR), demands for removal of abrasive particles
smaller than six microns are rapidly becoming a standard. Clean diesel fuel plays an important role in
reducing maintenance and overall operating cost.

For more than 60 years, Velcon has supplied filters for fuel conditioning for applications from 5gpm to more than 5,000gpm. Our proven bulk fuel handling experience in combination with the world's largest indoor fuel lab have allowed us to develop a range of high quality products to meet the most stringent diesel and biodiesel fuel market needs.

Download the full brochure on clean diesel fuel filtration.

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