Fuel Condition Monitoring and Control Brochure, from Velcon

Velcon's VCA and icount products use technology based on proven principles of light obscuration, refraction and light scattering.

Particle counters (icount)
Particle counters, also known as automatic particle counters (APC) measure the size and concentration
of contaminants in fluids. Particle counters make use of a technology called light obscuration. All particle
counters measure the size of particulates in microns (one millionth of a metre).

Fluid is directed through a small chamber in the sensor called a flow cell. Light is passed through this
chamber at 90 degrees to the fuel stream. Placed on the opposite side of the light source is a light sensitive detector. When a particle in the fluid stream passes the light source, it obscures the light from reaching the detector. This lack of light (or shadow created by the particle) can be measured and counted by the detector.

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