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Systemgroup Consulting: Building and Deploying Rugged, Resilient Enterprise Solutions for Remote Sites

Systemgroup is working closely with the mining industry to supply solutions to their unique data management and operational challenges. Leveraging its extensive experience, the company has created leading-edge solutions which provide a unified vision of the health and operational efficiency of mining organisations at sites around the world. Systemgroup's collaborative, hands-on approach has taken it to remote locations throughout the world to gain a deep understanding of the extreme conditions and challenges of these remote environments.

Mining solutions
Systemgroup has built and deployed rugged and resilient enterprise solutions using the Microsoft Application Platform:

  • Operational reporting and analytics
  • Website and intranet development
  • Authorisation for expenditure (AFE)
  • Contractor search and management portal
  • Ore deposit management
  • Core sample management
  • Unit cost management
  • Site evaluation and feasibility database
  • Site evaluation and feasibility database

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