Peristaltic Hose Pumps Mining

This free white paper from Verderflex gives an insight into what features companies who use their range of pumps can expect to benefit from. Among the many reasons to choose Verderflex's technology, the ones which standout as particularly beneficial include: • Abrasion resistance • Accurate dosing • Self priming • Easily cleanable without disassembly • Suitability for handling shear sensitive products • Low ownership costs • No seals • Capable of pumping abrasive, viscous or high density fluids The company's wide array of pumps can be used effectively in many industries, which, to name just a few, include mining, the treatment of water, agriculture, the food and beverage sector and laboratory systems. This white paper also goes into detail about some of the company's featured pump ranges, including simple to operate Rapide pumps, the compact and versatile Dura family of pumps and the easy to operate, reliable range of industrial hose pumps. To find out more about Verderflex's range of pump, what applications they can be used for and the many benefits which come from operating them, please download this free white paper.

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