Gemecs Offers Master Class in Essential Shale Gas Exploration, Technology and Environmental Safety

Gemecs is holding a training course on shale gas exploration, technology and environmental safety from 27 - 28 November in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The course denes what a shale (mudrock) play is and reviews the history of shale exploration as well as the impact of unconventional hydrocarbon development and production in the US, with special emphasis on the Barnett Shale of Texas, Bakken of North Dakota and Appalachian basin.

Gemecs' course is suitable for engineers, geologists, managers, regulators, metallurgist, planners, reservoir engineers, development project engineers and managers interested in shale gas resources, public relations, energy consultants, lawyers and any person involved in evaluating or developing shale gas plays.

Download the free paper for more information about the shale gas course, or visit the website to book a place.

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