JACK-LUBER™: Automatic Lubricator with Replaceable Cartridge

The JACK LUBER is the most versatile product in the ATS product line. It's built on the proven ULTIMATE LUBER™ technology incorporating the JACKSCREW mechanism. Together, you know it's powerful.

The JACK LUBER has a replaceable, one-time use cartridge that changes out in seconds. The drive unit for the JACK LUBER is pure ULTIMATE power and runs off an ATS battery pack or with a direct AC/DC adaptor (optional).

The JACK LUBER has a maximum continuous operating pressure of 200psi and is capable of heavy duty applications running up to 20ft lines even through progressive distribution blocks up to 10ft.

The JACK LUBER is tough, reliable and easy to work with. The JACK LUBER saves time, money and gives you the performance you need and trust from ATS.

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