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Spill Tech Provides Leading HAZMAT Response and Pollution Control

Spill Tech is the leading HAZMAT response and pollution control product company in Southern Africa. Besides providing a rapid spill response service, the company is involved in specialised clean-up activities, including confined space cleaning, fire debris removal, laboratory decontamination, asbestos removal and disposal, high pressure cleaning, waste removal, pumping and upliftments, and bioremediation of polluted sites.

Spill Tech can provide you with cost-effective solutions with its range of absorbents for oil and chemical spills, as well as general purpose applications.

Spill Tech manufactures and imports an extensive range of oil and chemical absorbents, including Biozorb Peat Sorbent, Oilsep Absorbent, Chemical Scatter and Acid Sorb. The company also supplies a wide range of spill kits and accessories for vehicles and industry usage.

Spill Tech distributes globally. Call today for a one-stop HAZMAT solution or visit the company website. Download the free Spill Tech catalogue here.

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