Mining Fog Cannon

The Fog Cannon® has been designed to tackle the problem of airborne particles and dust generated by open mining activities, general demolition work and industrial bulk material handling.

Ecology SRL the patented Fog Cannon suppresses up to 90% of airborne dust particles.

The Fog Cannon is available as a manual or fully automated version, it addresses the needs of all work applications:

  • Suppresses dust in open air (quarries, sites, squares, etc.)
  • Suppresses dust concentrations (loading / unloading trucks, transfer by conveyor belt, unloading hoppers, etc.)

The machine emits a powerful fog of fine droplets of water / air and a surfactant if required, in either agglomerating and film-forming. Surfactant ECS89 creates a harmless fog capable of quickly suppressing airborne particles.

For more product information, download Ecology SRL's free Fog Cannon brochure or visit the company website.