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Pre-concentration and Ore Processing by Online Sensors

Low-cost pre-concentration of run of mine ore from muck piles or from old low-grade ore or mine waste rock areas is not a new idea. However, new sensor technology, new innovations and new applications may become a game-changer. Mining companies have overlooked for long time losses caused by waste rock dilution in mining economical calculations. Our studies during past years have shown that the amount of waste rock dilution in surface mining of about 5%, as used in most original conventional estimates, is gravely underestimated.

Mining companies are now re-thinking and developing new methods like ore sorting to reduce dilution. However, very little is done with ore losses, which are of the same nature as waste rock dilution - both happening at the same time and valuable ore is lost in the waste area. This, unfortunately, means also that more sulfides end up in to mining waste rock dumps increasing the potential for acid rock drainage and other environmental risks.

What is also missing in ore sorting discussions is what happens to ore resources when a cost-reducing pre-concentration method like ore sorting is applied.

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