TetraFlex for Mining, when Reliable Communication is Crucial

Simplifying advanced communications for the mining industry. Increase workers safety and operational efficiency with the 100% IP-based TetraFlex TETRA radio infrastructure from DAMM.

DAMM TetraFlex is designed for operation directly in harsh environments and provides the most reliable, scalable and user-friendly solution for digital voice and data communications for the mining industry. It comes complete with indoor base stations, as well as the IP65 protected and compact outdoor base stations, comprehensive features and integrated software such as Network Management, Voice and Data Recording and full Dispatch application.

TetraFlex® provides reliable, fast and disruption-free TETRA data and voice communication for mission critical operations. The 100% IP-based distributed architecture gives full flexibility in site and capacity expansions, even during operation. User-friendly advanced API enables seamless integration into third party systems such as dispatcher solutions.

Benefit from coverage extension, as well as data capacity for videos and pictures with TetraFlex soft terminals. DAMM offers TetraFlex Android Client and TetraFlex Windows Client, a vendor independent soft terminal, fulfilling the needs for non-critical voice and data communication operating through WiFi, WiMax, UMTS(3G) and LTE(4G) networks.

To find out more, please download this free white paper.

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