Bearing Repair Provides Valuable Alternative to Bearing Replacement for Heavy Industries

When a bearing is damaged, it is often removed from service and replaced before it reaches its full, useful and economical life. Advancements in bearing design, materials, bearing maintenance and repair methods have greatly improved the potential for and popularity of bearing repair as an effective way to extend the life of the bearing.

A high-quality repair program also can address the challenge of determining if and when a bearing can be repaired. Regardless of original manufacturer, a wide range of services are available for all bearing types.

A repaired bearing, depending on the required level of service, can often be returned to like-new specifications in about one third of the time and at a savings of up to 60% off the cost of a new bearing. Furthermore, experience has shown that a successfully repaired bearing can run a lifecycle comparable to that of the first cycle of the bearing. Growing popularity of repair programs in heavy industries shows an increased understanding of the significant value, both in time and cost, compared to replacing bearings.

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