Digital Fleet Management Platform for the Mining Industry

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MachineMax provides an integrated platform for off-highway heavy equipment users to optimise the profitability of every machine in their fleet.

Our mission is to track and improve productivity through enhanced utilisation, providing actionable insights to eliminate excessive idling and reduce emissions worldwide.

Our approach ensures data collected by heavy equipment can be communicated in real-time to technical teams and management. Focused on learning-based outcomes, we specialise in building secure and cutting-edge products that solve daily challenges and improve industry practice.

Digital data management platform for the heavy equipment industry

MachineMax offers an intuitive digital platform to consolidate all machine data and provides a wireless smart sensor for those machines that are not connected. The sensor measures machine vibrations and uses artificial intelligence to interpret the machine utilisation based on its unique vibratory signature.

Cloud computing is then used to deliver real-time data and analysis to operators and site managers with an interface that can help them optimise their fleet operations and preventative maintenance programmes.

Equipment optimisation and management solution

At MachineMax, we continuously strive to make performance improvements. We know that idle machines waste approximately £38,000 a year and users lack visibility of how efficiently they are operating and where they are located.

Our equipment management platform can perform a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Take control of your fleet: get live reporting on any owned or rented machine to improve machine utilisation and significantly increase site productivity
  • Reduce fuel and rental costs: with a clear view of machine activity, you can reduce idling and stop wasting fuel while optimising existing fleets
  • One-minute setup: the wireless sensor attaches in seconds using a military-grade magnet and offers a fast setup time
  • Consistent connection to the Cloud: fleet data across original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) automatically connects to the Cloud using long-range wide-area networks (LoRaWan) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Increased visibility across multiple sites and OEMs

MachineMax allows you to effortlessly track every one of your machines wherever they are, whenever they operate.

We can provide sensors for all of the unconnected equipment and import the data from your connected equipment, consolidating all machine data into a single intuitive platform.

Our platform allows you to track exactly where and when machines are operating, identify and immediately solve site bottlenecks, reduce unauthorised usage, increase productivity, and maximise machine profitability.

Real-time monitoring capabilities

MachineMax’s future-facing technologies and reporting capabilities facilitate emissions monitoring and management.

In addition, our data architecture will allow us to leverage billions of hours of machine operating data to better understand when machines are operating normally, as well as when something is not quite right. As soon as our system knows, you and your team will know too.

Our intelligent anomaly detection will help you and your team resolve problems while they aresmall and save time and money.

About MachineMax

MachineMax was established when Shell and BCG Digital Ventures collaborated to revolutionise the heavy equipment industry.

We sent a dedicated team of engineers, scientists, designers and industry professionals across the world to talk to equipment managers and immediately noticed piles of paper everywhere. People are still tracking equipment utilisation manually because it is too complex to consolidate the readings from multiple different on-board systems for mixed fleets.

So, we decided to build a solution that is easy-to-use and works on all machines.

Revolutionary Equipment Management Platform

MachineMax is a global company providing an innovative equipment management platform for off-highway heavy equipment users to track and maximise the productivity and profitability of every machine in their fleet.

MachineMax Promise: Small Change Big Impact

Offsetting carbon footprint in the construction and mining industries is an ongoing challenge. However, we believe that as a collective, we can come together in reducing carbon emissions.

Eliminate Unknowns and Maximise Output at Mining Sites

When it comes to mining equipment, idle times represent as much as 40% to 50% of total running time. So as open-cast mining equipment productivity decreases, finding alternative ways to increase equipment effectiveness is imperative. The ability to analyse equipment utilisation in real-time is key to solving this predicament.


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