Derek Parnaby Cyclones International

Separation Plants for Coal Beneficiation

Chilton Industrial Estate, Chilton (near Ferryhill), County Durham, DL17 0SH,Other, United Kingdom

Chilton Industrial Estate, Chilton (near Ferryhill), County Durham, DL17 0SH,Other, United Kingdom

Derek Parnaby Cyclones was started in 1960 by Derek Parnaby who developed the world-famous ‘Parnaby process’ of minerals separation using barrels and cyclones. In 1974 Parnaby Cyclones started to manufacture the Parnaby dense-medium washing plant, which maximises value from coal mining.

Dense-medium washing plants for coal mining

Derek Parnaby Cyclones is an English company, still owned and run by the Parnaby family from their factory based in the North-East of England.

Parnaby Cyclones is one of the few remaining companies who design, manufacture and trial assemble all of our processing plant and equipment in-house, allowing to keep a close eye over our exceptionally high-quality standards.

Washing and separation plants for coal beneficiation

Parnaby Cyclones has strived to develop a large and comprehensive range of washing and separation plants, which are now in use all over the world, mainly working on coal beneficiation, allowing our customers to achieve much higher value yields from their raw coal extraction. 

Many Parnaby Cyclones plants come complete with a Parnaby full effluent treatment system, allowing the recycling and re-circulation of the washing water required in the washing and separation process. This, complete with high-efficiency drives, and magnetite recovery systems, make running a Parnaby plant very economical.

Separation plant installation and maintenance

From the success of the ‘Parnaby process’, the company has grown to international status with plants operating on five continents.

Parnaby Cyclones provide a full turnkey service, comprising design, manufacture, transportation of equipment, installation and commissioning by our trained Parnaby engineer. Parnaby Cyclones also offers a comprehensive training course for all of our customers, plant operators and general site-maintenance personnel. 

Separation plants design and after-sales service

Parnaby Cyclones is totally committed to providing excellent customer service. Parnaby Cyclones is very aware that every customer has individual and often unique requirements.

Parnaby Cyclones designs and supplies a wide and complex range of systems and equipment, and consider each customer’s needs in great detail before recommending the best solution. Our comprehensive customer care includes:

  • Site visits, evaluation and advice on budgeting
  • Tailored design to customer’s specification
  • Turnkey project through design, supply, installation and commissioning
  • Guaranteed after-sales service
  • Spares and maintenance packages
  • Health and safety documentation
  • Project management
Derek Parnaby Cyclones International

Chilton Industrial Estate

Chilton (near Ferryhill)

County Durham

DL17 0SH


United Kingdom

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