MineSmith Australasia is a mine optimisation consulting service, which specialises in optimisation application software development, mine planning and mineral project optimisation services.

We cover the full gamut of optimisation with over three decades of experience in five continents, including: training, model formulation, prototyping and analysis, custom software applications and sales and support of our own commercial mine optimisation platform, LOBOS.

We offer customised mine planning and scheduling software along with associated consulting and contract services. Our capabilities also include reserve optimisation, strategic planning ranging from individual mines to large integrated complexes, financial modelling, project risk evaluation and mitigation and due diligence project reviews.

Quantify risk in terms of head grade and contaminant variability as a function of geologic uncertainty. Compare options and conduct sensitivity analysis using Exact MILP optimisation technology.
Apply material handling and environmental constraints on waste products. Minimize control costs and level shovel and haulage fleet activity. Integrate mine production with dump and TSF construction.
Rapidly model and revise production scenarios. Quick setup including automated conversion of reserves into schedulable mining blocks, sequencing utilities. Material classifications suitable for any deposit. Revise and reoptimize a scenario with ease.
Implement geometallurgy into planning including relationships between grade, hardness and mineral texture to mill recovery and throughput rates. Optimise mill utilisation as a function of geometallurgical performance.
No black boxes – control inputs and outputs to conform to internal reporting standard with customised Excel outputs. Comprehensive Excel schedules linking production physicals to financial outcomes.
Integrate schedule optimisation and financial modelling. Any change in production is reflected in the financial outcomes.
Optimise open cut operations integrating multiple pit, products processes and dumps planning production down to drill-blast units. Optimise production fleet requirements. Optimise complex multi-element cutoff relationships.
Integrate large complexes consisting of multiple mines, processes and products to achieve maximum overall value. Allocate production resources. Determine the timing, capacity and rates of development and production across multiple projects.
Avoid black boxes. Customise the underlying model to match actual operations. Add variables and constraints relevant to your operations. Optimise on any quantifiable objects to compare the impact on costs, revenues and production.

As needed, we source and collaborate with independent consultants to provide a comprehensive mining-oriented optimisation service, with experience in both underground selective and mass mining, open cut operations, coal, iron ore, copper, precious and base metals, aggregates and industrial minerals.

If you can’t find the service and solution you’re looking for at a competitive price, try MineSmith.

Client-driven mine optimisation systems

A MineSmith Australasia Life of Mine (LoM) planning project ranges from reserve optimisation to financial outcomes.
Our client-driven, in-house mine planning and Life of Business Optimisation System (LOBOS) rapidly converts standard mine planning inputs into a mathematical model that is fully customised to your project specifications.

Our portfolio and approach have continuously evolved due to extensive support to the mining industry. Our clients benefit from 14 years of industry-sponsored and outcome-driven product development.

Math modelling, mine optimisation and planning software integration capabilities

MineSmith Australasia’s optimisation services incorporate three key software technologies: (1) standard General Mining Packages such as Micromine (used for resource modelling, manipulation, mine design and other common geostatistical, mine planning and design applications). (2) Python and Ampl to convert your problem into an optimisation ready model, and (3) Gurobi, the leading Solver used in dozens of industries, including mining, by over 1,200 companies worldwide.

We deliver solutions either as a consulting service or in the form of an optimisation application for your own use with training, consulting and development provided on an as needed basis.

Our in-house planning systems integrate optimisation lifecycle software AMPL for advanced modelling with innovative problem-solver Gurobi for a standard model generation and solution.

A wide variety of Solver applications, other than Gurobi, are also available through either an AMPL-based application or through our LOBOS-Ampl interface (API).

Mine planning and optimisation expertise

All projects are conducted by managing director Dr Martin Smith. Dr Smith’s experience encompasses mine planning and design, optimisation technology, geostatistical estimation and reserve analysis, mining software design, financial modelling, mineral economics and education. He has written more than 50 publications on these applications.

With over 30 years’ experience in the minerals industry, Dr Smith is a renowned consultant, educator and researcher specialising in the development and application of optimisation solutions for the minerals industry.

Training in mine planning and optimisation

We offer short courses in mine optimisation and Math Programming from a one-day overview of the technology and its applications to intensive five-day workshops covering modelling, algorithms and the foundations of mine planning.

Dr Smith as held senior academic positions in mining programs at the University of Idaho, University of Queensland and Universidad Potificia de Catholica in Chile teaching resource and reserve estimation, optimisation, mine planning and design with recent courses given in Chile, Brazil and Australia (both East and West coasts).

Short courses include extensive educational resources and application software using Ampl and/or Python for data manipulation and problem modelling and Gurobi for optimisation. These are leading commercial packages offered as extendible trial licenses. Training is also offered using MineSmith’s own LOBOS mine optimisation platform.

Training can be tailored to your specific requirements and offered on-site or online to:

  • Single individuals or a large audience
  • Experienced mine planners or to non-mining professionals with an interest in optimisation technology

Please contact us for an example syllabus and training material.

About MineSmith Australasia

MineSmith Australasia has been conducting mine optimisation projects since 2008. Product development started prior to 2005 while our experience in mine optimisation dates to the 1980s. We combine a deep understanding of both the industry and technology.

We have conducted multiple projects worldwide, for projects in Australia, North and South America, Laos, Indonesia. PNG, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Africa and Zambia.

Previous projects include both feasibility studies and operating mines with a focus on either project valuation or achievement of production targets and LOM plans. We offer value maximising solutions to the most complex production scenarios resolving challenging planning problems using both commercial mine planning packages and our own software applications.