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Specialists in Structural Geology and Ore-Structure Relationships

1st Floor, 15 Rue le Havre, Monte Sereno, Western Cape, Somerset West, 7130,Other, South Africa

1st Floor, 15 Rue le Havre, Monte Sereno, Western Cape, Somerset West, 7130,Other, South Africa

Since Tect Geological Consulting was founded by Dr Ian J Basson in 2000, the company has serviced in excess of 50 clients throughout Africa. Tect’s main focus is the application of structural geology and mineralogy to the understanding of mineral deposits, either in mining or exploration projects. The company emphasises problem solving, lateral thinking, and the application of recent models and techniques in the fields of structural and economic geology.

Geotechnical interface for open-pit mining design

During the last ten years, Tect has formed the interface between complex structural geology and geotechnical analysis, predominantly in open-pit mining and pit design. Detailed 3D modelling and mapping form an essential component of this work.

Predictive modelling for mining exploration

Tect’s other focus area is forward or predictive modelling, for the purposes of target generation during exploration. This work has contributed significantly to the understanding of structural controls on a wide variety of deposit types, including those containing gold, base metals, platinum and diamond.

Geotechnical mining data compilations and deposit reviews

Often forming part of Tect’s geotechnical or exploration work, data compilation involves the collation, digitising and plotting of data.

Data compilation and translation, from a variety of projections and formats into a single data set, often forms the first stage of 3D modelling or analysis for a client. Such work is particularly applicable to archived data from previous exploration projects or government data in developing countries.

Deposit reviews, which may include a component of data compilation, are undertaken for financial institutions or individuals. These reviews may culminate in a report that typically details the quality and extent of data, potential greenfield or brownfield exploration projects, or a professional opinion on a given mining operation or deposit.

Individual and specialised geotechnical services

While conforming to industry standards in terms of applicable terminology and techniques, Tect provides individual and specialised services for both large and small companies.

Our approach is not one of ‘rubber-stamping’ or simply reworking existing data; rather, we seek to add real, quantifiable value to our clients’ mining or exploration ventures. This approach includes a no-charge, follow-up policy – clients are entitled to contact the company for additional information or to discuss new ideas that have resulted from the consulting and reporting phases. Partly as a consequence of this approach and Tect’s 100% safety record, many of Tect’s clients have awarded us ‘preferred supplier’ status for structural-economic geology work.

Geophysical interpretation and structural interpretation projects

Tect has undertaken fieldwork in 14 African countries for numerous clients and is currently the preferred provider of geophysical interpretation services and structural interpretation services to New Resolution Geophysics and its clients. Major clients include Anglo Platinum, AngloGold Ashanti, Lonmin Platinum, Northam Platinum, De Beers Consolidated Mines, Debswana, Rio Tinto and Kumba.

Rossing South Uranium Project

The Rossing Uranium mine is located 70km north-east of Swakopmund in Namibia, Africa. It is the fifth largest producer of uranium in the world and accounts for about 8% of the world's uranium oxide production.

Debswana Diamond Mines

Debswana is the world's leading producer of gem diamonds, contributing about 30% of world output by value from four mine

Tect Geological Consulting

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