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Leading the Way in Enterprise Risk Management across Mining Development & Operations and Corporate Functions

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Teams keep on top of risks in organisational, project and managing assets with CorProfit.

See your team’s risk management plans implemented successfully, using effective, cost-beneficial controls, and supporting the achievement of the project and corporate objectives.

CorProfit customers are achieving success in their risk management that is unmatched anywhere else.

For further details, please view the table labelled ‘Achieve Your Corporate Objectives’ on Image 1 (Achieve Your Corporate Objectives).

Achieve Your Corporate Objectives.
Enterprise Risk Management Roadmap.
ERM Framework.
Risk Programs Alignment ERM closes Gaps & Silos.

CorProfit takes Away the Stress of your Risk Management Implementation

CorProfit stands unique in its capability to provide you with an enterprise risk management roadmap catering to an aligned and integrated set of risk programs (see Image 2: Enterprise Risk Management Roadmap).


  • Managing Project Risk
  • Strategic & Business Risk
  • Safety Risk
  • Business Continuity
  • IT Security
  • Contract Risks

Implementation Plan

• Maturity Pathway

  • Define where your ERM will be in 3 years
  • Start in a simple way, add more aspects that increases the scope to ERM based on milestones

• Implement first Risk Program

  • Start by replicating your current approach
  • Follow the Workshop Procedure, build Risk Registers
  • Analyse risks, prioritise and apply risk treatments
  • Aggregate risks to organisation, project portfolio and assets contexts

• Implement next Risk Programs in sequence

ERM Framework is at the heart of ERM practices across Business and Project Functions

Framework & Procedures

Any gaps in knowledge in your Risk Framework and Procedures and shows up in difficulties down the track.

CorProfit has a suitable ERM Framework template to use as a starting point.

  • Owned by the Risk Committee, giving commitment to best practice, strategic ERM
  • Defines Risk Criteria to drive more accurate measures of Risk Exposure and proactive Risk Management
  • Empowers ERM Procedures managed by the ERM Team

See Image 3 (ERM Framework) to see an example of an ERM Team CorProfit assisted a customer to set up.

Use a Risk System that Everyone Buys Into

KnowRisk ERM System

  • Having the right system, that grows with you over time to meet your needs, cannot be underestimated.
  • ERM System needs to be flexible in your hands with the least involvement from your IT Dept and no intervention from the Vendor.
  • The Risk Matrix is changed at any time in the future without requiring manual efforts to update Risk Registers,
  • User-friendly data entry screens that prompt and guide staff to follow the Risk Process to enter new Risks as well as review and update Risks; Risk Management is dynamic.
  • Separate module to build libraries of Risks, Consequences and Controls, to support Knowledge Management & Maturity

See Image 4 to view graph: ‘Risk Programs Alignment ERM closes Gaps & Silos’

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