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Fuel Storage, Handling and Pumping Systems for Mining Applications

Equipco provides a wide range of packages, systems and equipment to assist with refuelling, lubrication and preventive maintenance programmes.

Tate Drive,
VIC 3579 Australia

Equipco provides a wide range of packages, systems and equipment to assist with refuelling, lubrication and preventive maintenance programmes.

Our solutions are suitable for both commercial and industrial businesses, as well as the transport, construction, mining and aviation markets.

We address the global demand for valuable minerals such as iron ore, coal, silver, copper, mineral sands, gold and precious gems.

High-quality fuel storage and pumping solutions for the mining industry

Equipco offers an extensive range of products for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and agricultural applications.

Our portfolio includes fuel storage and management systems, hoses, service truck and trailer tanks, flow meters, and pumping solutions.

We also supply workshop service management systems, dispensing filters, nozzles, tank monitoring systems, drum handling equipment, spill kit safety equipment, and signage.

Self-bunded fuel tanks

With both fuel storage capacities from 1,000L to 110,000L, our self-bunded diesel tanks, pump dispenser and unloading pump facilities facilitate the storage of materials such as petrol, diesel, aviation fuels, and lubrication and transmission oils.

Our specialised designed fuel tanks are fully compliant with Australian standards AS 1692-2006, AS 1940-2017 and AS 1657 when installed correctly with appropriate site safety equipment and signage.

Innovative ute tanks

Equipco’s Mine-Go range of self-bunded ute tanks are available in sizes ranging from 200L to 600L.

These tank packages have compliant engineer-certified lugs to enable lifting when full. Our certified lug design is suitable for our Mine-Go R N series between 1,000L and 5,000L.

We also offer complete turnkey solutions for all hydrocarbon oil storage-filtration and dispensing requirements, in addition to purchased options, custom truck tanks, bulk oil storage and filtration.

State-of-the-art oil monitoring and controlled-use packages are part of our engineered division skills with world-class equipment technology.

About Equipco

Equipco is a leading supplier of lubrication, refuelling and service station solutions in the Australian market for more than 24 years.

Our products are designed to meet or exceed stringent safety and quality standards, and we provide affordable and efficient delivery across the country.

Our staff have extensive experience in the petroleum industry and are able to assist with any query that promotes safety and compliance.

Fuel Lubrication Solutions

Leaders in the petroleum industry, Equipco offers solutions to allow our customers to transfer, store and manage their petroleum, hydrocarbons and Adblue in an efficient, practical and compliant manner.