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Jost Australia

Heavy-Duty Equipment and Components for Trailers, Trucks, Lorries and Mining Vehicles

Head Office,
18-20 Prince William Drive,
Seven Hills NSW 2147,

Head Office,
18-20 Prince William Drive,
Seven Hills NSW 2147,

Jost Australia is a leading supplier of ancillary equipment for trucks, trailers and other vehicles used in the mining industry. The company offers fifth wheel couplings, king pins, toe eyes, pintle hooks, hydraulic cylinders and other products that are ideally suited to heavy-duty mining applications.

Bolstered by Jost Werke, our European parent company, Jost Australia is well supported by a strong backbone of facilities in dozens of locations around the world. We are committed to scouring the globe to find the most innovative solutions for our mining clients and offer a level of quality and service that is unmatched by our competitors.

Our highly-trained, knowledgeable and dedicated team is ready to help you find the most appropriate transport solution for your mining project. The Jost catalogue now incorporates four big brands in one comprehensive range of systems and components for truck and trailer equipment supplies.

Heavy-duty fifth wheel couplings for mining materials handling

Fifth wheel couplings provide the link between a semi-trailer and towing truck, so it is vitally important that you invest in a quality product to ensure the safe and efficient movement of mined materials.

The surface of the semi-trailer rotates against the surface of the fixed fifth wheel, which does not rotate. To reduce friction, grease is applied to the surface of the fifth wheel. This type of configuration is often called a turn-table in Australia and New Zealand, especially if it’s a rotating ball-race-bearing type.

Torque-setting king pins for mining applications

King pins are safety parts connecting the articulated unit and are subject to type approval in many countries, which makes choosing the correct type for your mining operation extremely important. Jost supplies high-quality 90mm torque-setting king pins, which increase durability and minimise maintenance.

Jost king pins are manufactured in accordance with the valid international standards, which stipulate, among other requirements, the length of the protruding king pin from the underside of the skid plate. Our king pins can be used in self-steering axle systems.

Pintle hooks for the mining industry

Commonly used in the construction, mining and transportation industries, Buyers branded pintle hooks are stocked by Jost for towing light, medium or heavyweight trailers.

Buyers pintle hooks, such as the popular BPC P45 AC4K and BPC P45 AC6K models, feature a ‘double-safe’ locking system with a lock / clasp / impact arm interacting design that combines to prevent release of the eye when air pressure is applied.

Air-compensated pintle hooks must be used with a brake chamber, which is constructed to interact with the closed clasp to prevent uncoupling when air is applied.

Heavy-duty tow eyes

Jost offers tow-eyes from industry experts Buyers and Rockinger. These heavy-duty components are perfect for towing tasks on mining sites, where vehicles often need to be recovered due to difficult conditions.

One of our most popular sellers is Buyers’ demountable BPC 0063126. This particular tow eye features:

  • Maximum capacity: 25t
  • Vertical load: 4.5t
  • Weight: 11kg
  • CRN / rating: 16133 D-Value 8t

Our Rockinger toe eye range includes the Rock 57394, which is ideal for mining. This product boasts the following features:

  • Material: heat-treated steel St 52-3
  • Weight: 13.4kg
  • Down load: 1,000kg
  • D-value is reduced to 190kN with 100kg down load
  • CRN / rating: 24529 D-Value 314 kN

Front and well mount hydraulic cylinders

Jost’s front mount cylinder range has strokes ranging from 2470mm up to 7325mm with capacities from 18t to 55t. Our well mount cylinder range has strokes ranging from 2,470mm up to 8,675mm with capacities from 18t to 60t. All of our hydraulic cylinders boast stage chroming, extended tube overlap, operate efficiently at Australian industry standard 135bar (2,000psi) and are covered by a two-year nationwide warranty.

Millennium Expansion Project

Millennium Coal Pty Limited (MCPL), a subsidiary of Peabody Energy, proposes to increase the Millennium mine coal production from 1.9Mtpa to 5.5Mtpa under the Millennium Expansion Project (MEP).

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