Collision related accidents and mishaps between vehicles and pedestrians are one the biggest headaches for work sites but the BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Safety Warning System is looking to change that. The propriety system is the perfect solution to reducing the risk, with the ability to stop your vehicle operators and pedestrian staff from colliding with each other.

The system is made of three components, which interact with each other:

  • A personal tag – worn by pedestrians
  • A sensor unit– attached to the vehicle
  • A cab alert unit– which speaks to the driver

A pedestrian safety warning system with a human voice

When a pedestrian wearing a personal tag gets too close to a vehicle, it is picked up by the vehicle’s sensor unit and informs the driver via the cab alert unit (even through solid objects).

The cab alert unit warns the driver in a human voice (look out, a person near you!) so you can be sure the driver will hear it and hit the brakes to avoid a struck-by accident.

This is unlike other beeping systems with alerts that get lost in the din of an industrial site.

Easy installation and versatility

Both the cab alert unit and sensor unit components are magnetic. There’s no need to spend money and time on installation. They’re easy to install and simple to remove making them ideal for leased vehicles.

With virtually limitless possibilities where the personal tag can be placed, they are not limited to usage solely by employees – they can be attached to ceilings, walls or any object of high value you want to protect from collision damage.

For example, if someone is operating a crane within an enclosed space, you can attach a personal tag to the ceiling and a sensor unit to the end of the crane. In the case the operator of the crane pushes too high, they will be alerted by the cab alert unit to stop.

With the BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Safety Warning System, you can reduce the risk of on-site collisions that can be hurtful to your workers and your business.

Avoid vehicle and plant repairs, equipment and personnel downtime, workplace accident investigations, increased insurance premiums and most importantly accidents that result in the injury or death of workers.

With confidence, you can manage the risk of workplace hazards, promote a stronger safety culture and protect your people from harm.

Purchase or rent. You get technical support for FREE

If you want to make your workplace safer, the i-Tag is the ideal system to use. We’d be happy to assess your worksite and provide an estimate for implementation. Consultation with us is FREE.

If you have any uncertainties about the BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Safety Warning System, you can rent it from us first. We’re happy for you to try it out before you purchase.

If you feel sure about the BodyGuard i-Tag, as BHP Billiton, Boral, Chevron, Rio Tinto, Cleanaway and many others already do, you can buy it outright.

You get FREE technical support, whether you rent or purchase.