Thousands of functional batteries are wasted each year due to incorrect advice given to battery owners. Many batteries that are thought to be faulty and require jump-starting are often not performing efficiently due to a faulty charging system. The battery itself is in perfect working order. Also, simple maintenance procedures can lengthen the life of a battery.

Battery Centre’s marketing director, Andrew Webb, has the following tips to ensure motorists’ batteries last as long as possible.

Keep it clean and dry

Check the condition of the battery’s terminals. If they are corroded, they need to be cleaned with a wire brush or battery cleaner spray.

“Corrosion prevents the free flow of current through the battery, reducing the amount of power available to start the car,” explains Webb.

The entire battery should be kept clean and dry to ensure it can deliver maximum power.

Know how to jump-start

Jump-starting incorrectly is dangerous and can cause damage to the vehicle’s electrical system. If the vehicle needs to be jump-started, first check the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent injury and vehicle damage.

Monitor terminals

Check if your battery terminals are tight. Loose connections result in loss of power. It is best to check these connections as often as possible. Also ensure that the battery fits snugly in the battery tray. If there is movement the connections may become loose.

Get it tested

Batteries should be tested at least once every three months. Battery Centre offers this service for free. Batteries should also be tested before a long trip to avoid battery failure and becoming stranded out of town.

Make sure before you toss it

Batteries that need jump-starting in colder months aren’t necessarily destined for recycling. Battery failure can be a result of a faulty charging system. Again, visit your nearest Battery Centre and have this checked for free.

“If a motorist doesn’t have time for battery maintenance, or if they have a high-powered vehicle, such as a 4×4 or classic car, we recommend a more powerful battery. The Raylite Ultimate batter, with AGM technology produces 30% more current and requires no maintenance. And it lasts up to 30% longer. Visit your nearest Battery Centre for some expert advice from our battery fitment technicians or visit our dedicated website,” concludes Webb.