RPMGlobal (RPM) has released a raft of comprehensive upgrades to its advanced mine scheduling software, XECUTE, underpinning increased optimisation across the entire mining value chain.

XECUTE is RPM’s short-term scheduling solution that enables miners to maximise value by using intelligent integration to connect planning with other departments within a mining operation.

RPM has experienced a significant uptick in the adoption of XECUTE in the past 18 months, with the solution now operational across iron ore, coal, oil sands, manganese, gold and copper mines. One of the major reasons for this adoption is the unique Product Optimiser functionality which continues to deliver a key planning advantage to users.

Product Optimiser determines the optimal way to process, blend and stockpile products to maximise value from what is about to be mined. The latest XECUTE release includes upgraded optimiser functionality providing further enhancements when integrated as part of the short-term schedule.

RPM’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Beesley said: “XECUTE’s rapidly growing customer base was helping to expedite and expand product functionality.”

“The increasing sophistication of XECUTE’s functionality means XECUTE is now capable of going beyond simply planning extraction from the pit. It can now provide optimisation across the entire value chain.”

XECUTE provides planners with a set of tools that allow users to make dynamic adjustments to mining operations and visualise the impact of these adjustments to mine production as well as the entire downstream value chain. This means that a planner can make decisions based on the impact of planning decisions on not just production in the next shift but also alignment to longer term plans on processing, transport, and shipping.

“With the ability to incorporate processing facilities, transportation and shipments into an XECUTE schedule, the value the robust solution brings to the pit-to-port capability is significantly bolstered,” Mr Beesley said.

RPM’s coal customers will also have increased support with the introduction of coal wash plant features. This functionality allows the planner to schedule the whole way through the plant rather than stopping at the Run Of Mine. This becomes particularly valuable in a multi-product operation and is currently being implemented at one of the worlds most sophisticated coal blending and processing operations.

XECUTE’s innovative architecture means that real-time data is made available through any connected source. By enabling users to have a better understanding of the economic value produced from a commodity, miners are better placed to make decisions about crucial impacts that are generally outside their control.

By way of an example, XECUTE facilitates short term planners visualising changes in the pit through live integration to Fleet Management Systems / High Precision GPS and Drill systems. Deviations from the plan are therefore identified immediately, allowing planners to make adjustments if required. This in turn minimises the time-consuming weekly planning demands on short term planners while helping to deliver high levels of predictability across the value chain.

On top of the Product Optimiser enhancements, other key areas of focus include XECUTE’s User Interface and CAD functionality. Unlike many other linear programming engines, XECUTE has a highly intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows planners to spend more time analysing results, instead of learning how to program the inputs. There are also significant enhancements to speed and usability within this XECUTE upgrade, including an 80% improvement in geology and reserving processing speed.

XECUTE mobile improvements enable users to have integrated data feeds from the pit being used in a mobile application to quickly compare the short-term plan to the actual production. This gives planners and supervisors a plan compliance tool while they are on the move. Information such as drill holes, bucket positions and machine positions are fed straight to the mobile user.

“Our innovative software connects systems with information and when it comes to connecting short-term planning with the rest of the mining operation in our view there is no other product on the market as sophisticated or advanced as XECUTE,” Mr Beesley concluded.