Contact Harald, a leader in voice-based communications for better mining practices, is thrilled to announce the implementation of its groundbreaking Voice-Activated Hazard Reporting system – Ask Harry. This innovative technology empowers miners to report safety hazards instantly, without taking their eyes off their tasks, thereby significantly reducing response time and potentially preventing accidents.

The Need for Immediate Action

Mining is an industry where seconds can make the difference between a close call and a catastrophe. Traditional methods of reporting hazards—such as manual logging—often require miners to divert their attention from their work, increasing the risk of accidents. Often the process is too cumbersome for workers to execute.

The Solution: Voice-Activated Hazard Reporting

Contact Harald has created “Ask Harry”, the world leading voice-based intelligent assistant, to develop a system that allows miners to report hazards using simple voice commands. This approach ensures that miners can stay focused on their tasks while simultaneously alerting the safety team to potential risks.

Key Features

Instant Reporting: Miners can report a hazard as soon as they spot it, without any delays.

Real-Time Alerts: The system sends immediate notifications to the safety team, allowing for quick action.

Proactive Safety Measures

“The Voice-Activated Hazard Reporting system is a game-changer for the mining industry,” said John Dryden, Head of AI, Cyber and Information Security at “It not only speeds up the reporting process but also minimises human error, making all mines safer and more efficient.”


This initiative is part of Contact Haralds’s ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Contact Harald have also rolled out additional features, including real-time analytics and predictive hazard identification. Trials are featuring in real time throughout the world currently.

For more information about the Voice-Activated Hazard Reporting system or to schedule a meeting with Managing Director Nick O’Halloran at