It is a fact that EUROGOMMA targets mining as the core market for our elastomer wear-resistant products.

However, the versatility of our materials makes them suitable for several applications. Our screening systems and wear components are installed in sand & gravel, material recycling, oil drilling and in agriculture as well.

Thanks to our factory in Russia – the country historically called ‘the granary of Europe’ – the application of our products in agriculture is rapidly booming.

We are the manufacturer of polyurethane insert lining for gravity flow pipes and elbows for the transportation of grain. In fact, the high flow speed of grain into the pipes is creating high abrasion, especially in the elbows, and the great wear resistance of our polyurethane makes our products a wonderful solution.

As a matter of comparison, our liners have been treating more than 250,000 tons of wheat so far when the original steel pipes can bear a maximum of 30,000 tons.

Last but not least, the design of our lining inserts is significantly helping the application process so to reduce shutdown time and enhancing general productivity.

Where other wear-resistant solutions – sheet lining, lined pipes, etc. – take considerable time for installation our inserts are applied in a time lapse of seconds.

This is especially important in all those scenarios where pipe welding is not possible on-the-spot and all the operations must be done in the workshop before bringing the pipes to the plant.

At high point elevators, maintenance operations are very difficult, so the usage of our lightweight and easy-to-install lining inserts is a benefit.

Clients such as Rusagro are already taking advantage of our pipe insert liners and the actual trends show this is a growing market for us.