RPMGlobal (RPM®) has launched a major upgrade release to its leading mining financial modelling software —XERAS Enterprise (XE)®, transforming the product with an updated user experience, improved database technology, performance and enhanced enterprise capabilities.

The release of XERAS Enterprise 3 also completes a multi-year programme of work that encompasses a number of important back end and front-end features, including a modern user interface and mobile application.

The move to a server-orientated database provides significant benefits to the end-user by consolidating disparate data across the platform into one place. Users can then quickly access their entire information database to make informed and educated financial decisions.

With 30 years of continuous product history, XERAS Enterprise remains the leading enterprise financial modelling tool for the mining industry. As a trusted financial tool, it is commonly referred to as the ‘budgeting solution of choice’ for some of the world’s top tier mining companies across the globe.

RPM Chief Technology Officer Paul Beesley said: “The launch of XERAS Enterprise 3 was in line with the Company’s strategy of releasing simplified, standardised and integrated solutions that seamlessly inter-operate with other vendors’ systems using our Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF).

“XERAS Enterprise 3 expands the breadth and depth of RPM’s financial modelling software, solidifying our position as the financial budgeting and forecasting software solution of choice for the mining sector. Our intention has always been to have a completely integrated enterprise suite of products and this latest update forms a critical part of that vision.”

XERAS Enterprise transforms an engineering-oriented mine plan into a complete financial plan with a precise schedule of labour, equipment, consumables and parts. Unlike other budgeting methods which use spreadsheets as their base, XERAS Enterprise provides trust in the numbers by standardising processes and removing manual data entry.

RPM CEO Richard Mathews said: “XERAS Enterprise provides the governance and control miners require, while still allowing for the agility and scalability that other systems simply struggle to provide.”

XERAS Enterprise also has the capability to integrate directly with the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning systems. While these business intelligence-based tools can complete some level of calculations, they typically do not have pre-existing calculation logic to budget at the detailed spatial level required in the mining industry.

“In today’s mining environment, confidence in the systems and processes is so critical. You need to have standardisation and a shared modelling logic across the business and XERAS Enterprise provides exactly that,” Mr Mathews concluded.