Ferrit, the Czech provider of underground mining transport systems, has already delivered nine of its locomotives in the mines of the Nornickel polar division.

These Czech machines are well-equipped and can tow up to 12 trucks. Therefore, they also transport 50% more ore than their Russian counterparts.

The new trolley locomotive is equipped with a remote control, which serves to increase occupational safety. The principle of autonomous transport is no longer a fantasy, but a matter of the near future.

About Ferrit

In the last ten years, Ferrit has participated in many projects involving mining logistics optimisation and transport management.

We have also delivered turnkey projects and complete supplies of equipment for underground mines.

Ferrit has a wide network of branches and service centres with trained personnel in all covered markets, namely Poland, Russia, India, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China or Mexico, and is seeking expansion of its activities to other countries such as South Africa, Indonesia, North America or Australia.