On behalf of the state-owned power plant and opencast mining operator KEK (Korporata Energjetike e Kosoves, Kosovo), FAM supplied a turnkey TR 350 transport crawler with a payload of 350 tons.

The company KEK continuously optimizes the processes of overburden removal and coal extraction in order to ensure the annual supply of up to seven million tons of solid fuel required for the power generation.

In the energy sector, Kosovo depends 96% on lignite, which makes opencast mining essential for the country. The lignite deposits in Kosovo are among the largest geologically proven resources in Europe and the fifth largest reserves in the world. The heavy layers of lignite with thickness ranging from 50m to 60m have very favourable almost 1:1 overburden to coal ratios, which makes the open pit mining economically viable.

The power plants ‘Kosova A’ and ‘Kosova B’ near the capital city of Pristina are supplied with lignite from the mines, where the FAM transport crawler will be used to move the field conveying systems as the mining operation progresses.