Whether you’re moving up to a new model, or no longer need your current trailer, SmithCo can help you navigate through the used side dump trailer trade-in process. We’ve handled our fair share of trade-in trailers, and developed a system that is easy and provides top-notch customer service throughout the experience.

Why Trade In My Trailer?

There are a few common reasons for trading in your used trailer. Many customers trade-in their trailers because it’s easier than attempting to sell used equipment on their own, and there can be tax benefits associated with trading in. We find that many customers often start off purchasing a used SmithCo side dump trailer but end up wanting to buy a new one once they see how well it performs. Some customers trade in portions of their fleet every few years to keep the average age of their fleet lower. Other customers trade-in their trailers because their needs have evolved, and their current side dump trailer no longer fits their needs.

The Trade-In Process

If you decide that you are interested in a trade-in, you can tell your salesperson at either the outset or closing of a deal. When possible, the salesperson will personally examine your trailer and take some photos. SmithCo will then research and determine the current trade-in value of your trailer. Your salesperson will then work directly with you to finalize the deal. Factors that may affect the value of the trade-in include age, tires, brakes, tarp system condition, wear amount, and overall general condition.

Depending on the condition of the trailer, the next steps may vary. Some trailers are listed for sale immediately on and are sold as-is, while others may go through an inspection process. If the trailer is deemed not up to code, it will be brought back to DOT standards in our repair shop and sold once work on it is complete. In certain cases, we will keep a trade-in and add it to our rental fleet.

What Can I Trade In?

SmithCo accepts almost all other brands of side dump trailers as trade-ins. Depending on our inventory, we also may accept bottom or end dump trailers on trade as well. The average age of the trade-in trailers we receive is six to 12 years old. In the history of our trade-in service, we’ve seen everything from a trailer less than a year old to a trailer that is 20+ years old.

The SmithCo Difference

A trailer manufacturer accepting trade-ins is unusual, but because we do sell direct in certain areas, it allows us to become a one-stop-shop for trailers, trade-ins, and parts. Our dealers also accept trade-in’s and SmithCo can help you get in touch with a local dealer in your area as well. Going through a dealer is ultimately more convenient to our customers. In areas where we are represented by dealers, we promise your SmithCo dealer will do their very best work on trading in your used dump trailer and putting you in the side dump trailer of your dreams.

If you are interested in trading in your used trailer, please contact us.