Introducing another first from Metal Science Technologies: The new TIP Brush range of brushes.

The TIP brushes comprise of rigid brush fibre with the exception of the tip itself, which remains soft. One benefit of this is that the user will have a precise control of the tip of the brush to clean only the welded area, whilst the rest of the brush itself will not bend or lose its shape.

The TIP brush does away with shrouds or sleeves which can restrict adequate solution reaching the entirety of the brush. Having a shroud or sleeve system means you may also be producing potentially toxic fumes while also the ‘tight arcing’ from using a shroud or sleeve causes micro pitting of the work piece and reduced brush life.

The TIP Brushes, being about twice the length of most other brush styles on the market have an exceptionally long life. The added length coupled with the lack of a shroud or sleeve means that solution can easily reach all of the brush fibre which keeps it from drying out and over arcing.

As the TIP brush wears down, the soft area of the brush consistently moves up the length of the brush while the majority of it remains rigid.

Made with DAKEX, the first carbon fibre designed for the electro-polishing and weld cleaning industry, the TIP Brushes really are a revolution in brush design.

So far the feedback has been very positive.

“The TIP Brushes are a unique product which the weld cleaning industry has been calling for,” said Jerry Koza Jnr (President Profax USA).

If you would like to know more information on these brushes or find a local distributor who can supply them, please contact Metal Science Technologies directly through their contact page.