In a recent development, 38 dump trucks made by Tekne in Italy and destined for United Nations rescue missions, have sailed towards their final destination, Bangladesh. The vehicles, three-axle Astra cabs, are equipped with a tipper and customized accessories requested by the customer.

Another recently completed order, just six months ago, had brought the Abruzzo company to the delivery of 25 wreckers, special vehicles for the rescue of heavy vehicles, to Bangladesh, destined for UN missions. These will soon be joined by another 15 vehicles of the same type, already being worked on in the workshops of Tekne.

Tekne produces and designs industrial and special vehicles distributed both in the Italian and foreign markets, but also electronic and electrical systems, for the automotive sector and beyond. Prototyping and assembly of vehicles, transformations and fittings for industrial vehicles, buses and special vehicles are concentrated in the Ortona headquarters, with a sector dedicated to defence vehicles.