Well, we are not artists but we spray artfully anyway.

Of course, Eurogomma’s house speciality is our polyurethane moulded products, where we can use our own high-quality elastomers.

In some occasions, this is not possible or economically not affordable:

  • The contract is for too low quantity
  • Mould cost is too high
  • The product is made of complex surfaces and making a mould is just out of the question

There is where it is necessary to spray artfully.

An insightful example is the coating of a scrubber fan for exhaust gas cleaning in a chemical plant.

Eurogomma designed and produced the fan from A to Z (steel cutting, folding, welding and fan balancing) before the application of sprayed polyurethane.

Every application has the right solution and we know how to do it artfully.