The Pacific Data Systems’ SPOKEdata Weather Station is a user-friendly robust monitoring system designed to provide you with frequent, accurate updates on your local weather conditions.

It is an ideal solution for a range of professional applications, including:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Building management
  • Research and education
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Agriculture and aquaculture (vineyards, crop spaying etc)
  • Emergency services and more

Standard Inclusions

  • Ultrasonic wind speed/direction sensor
  • Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure sensor
  • Rainfall
  • 3G data logger
  • Solar panel and battery backup
  • Mast


  • Multiple input protocols
  • 3G Communications
  • Remote access via web portal
  • Alarm functionality
  • Solar-Powered


  • High-accuracy, rugged design
  • Long-term reliability
  • Complete automation
  • Pre-configured, easy installation

Remote Web Portal

The Pacific Data Systems SPOKEdata Weather Station includes remote web portal access whereby you can quickly report on your data, battery and signal strength and be alerted to any problems.

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