Velocity of Detonation (VoD) is the velocity at which the shock wave travels through an explosive charge upon detonation.  The ShotTrack VoD 305 is the next-generation VoD monitor, designed and manufactured for ease of use, refined performance and reliability. Its features include:

  • One channel – Time-domain reflectometer – Simple, one channel use
  • Consumable: Standard co-axial cable – Readily available and economical
  • Max cable length: 305m – Standard reel size
  • Pulse type: -6V – Electronic Det compliant
  • Sample rate: 256Khz – Fast sample rate
  • Runtime: 12 hours+ – Reduces loss of data due to delays
  • Size: 18 x 7 x LJ cm – Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Multi LED status indicator in ON/OFF – Indicates Bluetooth/SET/triggered
  • Resolution: nominally 90 picoseconds – High-accuracy
  • Dead zone: First 30 meters of cable – Large portion of usable cable
  • Timing: GPS synchronized timing – Precise timing and cross referencing
  • IP 67 rated case – Rugged and weather proof
  • VoD measurement on site/research – Versatile
  • USB or Bluetooth long-range wireless – In the office or onsite data download
  • One button operation – Automatic cable detection and SET feature
  • Remote base station connectivity – control data globally

The ShotTrack VoD 305 is available right now and will soon be accompanied by the ShotTrack ViB and ShotTrack BiC, two other products that adhere to ShotTrack’s dedication to design, development and manufacture of state of the art electronic monitoring equipment for the use in mining and construction industries.