Definitely 2020 has not been one of the best years for the most of us.

Probably you are tired to hear about Covid-19 once again but we all know how much this pandemic has affected our lives in many ways.

Having said that, it is important not to lose our determination to grow to overcome this difficult moment like we have always done.

Eurogomma is offering a small but good opportunity to start 2021 with the right step – become an installer of our spray-on Polyurethane STB Eurocoating.

Our spray-on STB Eurocoating is a wonderful solution to protect truck beds from wear, corrosion, rusting and scratching. It also helps to reduce noise further than keeping your load stable on your truck bed while driving.

At the same time, STB Eurocoating is a great solution to line screening machines and hoppers in mining and quarries.

If you are a potential client, contact us to put you in touch with our closest installer.
We wish you a wonderful Christmas with your families and a positive start of the new year. Keep strong!