For greater safety and efficiency in underground mining, Epiroc releases a number of automation features for the Scooptram underground loader. The Scooptram Automation Regular package allows the Scooptram to be controlled through an operator station from a remote location.

“With the new Scooptram Automation Regular package, the operator can control the loader even while it is out of sight from a safe stationary or mobile control station,” explains Vladimir Sysoev, product manager of automation at Epiroc.

“The automation package also makes it possible for our customers to quickly and easily transition from manual to automatic mode, which is crucial in mines with a dynamic environment or quick advancements. The automation package is an effective way for our customers to boost their productivity in today’s world, where mining operations have to contend with a variety of complicated production issues.”

To minimize environmental impact and keep personnel out of harm’s way while production proceeds quickly and smoothly, automation is key. Production and the efficient utilization of machinery can continue even during shift changes and when personnel are not safely permitted in the work area, for example when the mine has not yet been adequately ventilated or when there is a substantial risk of falling debris after blasting. The operator can make swift transitions from manual to automatic mode to quickly adapt to the situation at hand.

“The Scooptram Automation Regular package allows our customers to automate a single loader without having to spend lots of time and money making extensive infrastructure alterations,” relates Sysoev. The automation package includes cameras, sensors and safety modules that are mounted onto the Scooptram, as well as a safety system that is easily installed in the mine. If a person or another machine should enter the Scooptram’s work vicinity while the safety system is enabled, the Scooptram will automatically shut down to avoid causing potential harm.

“Productivity and workers’ well-being go hand in hand,” says Vladimir Sysoev.

An automated loader from Epiroc works to protect both.”