There is a reason why we dedicated a section of our website to our creativeness.

Eurogomma is a dynamic manufacturer where new ideas are directly translated into new products, thanks to a flexible CAD/CAM manufacturing system.

When we recently visited one of our gold mining clients in West Africa, the plant manager asked for our help to solve a tedious problem.

Their mill discharge screen is fed with the gravel coming from the SAG Mill and despite there is no visible sand at discharge end the upper size of the mineral is contaminated by high percentage of fines.

Eurogomma technicians recognised the problem being in the fines sticking to the gravel and invented our ‘Roll on’ EURO PS polyurethane screens.

These screen panels are designed with a bump along the flow to make the stones roll on it and self-clean themselves releasing the fines and let them flow under the screen deck.

From the moment we heard about the problem, it took less than five weeks to design the product, produce the moulds and make the items.

Stay tuned. You will hear about the product performance soon.