SSC is accredited by SINAL (Italian laboratory accreditation body) for a wide range of fuel test methods (EN 45001 standard).

Located in Milan, SSC has been recognized since 1940 by all sectors of the economy dealing with fossil fuels and their by-products. In addition, the Institute is financed by major importers of Italian fuels (gas, oil, coal).

In March 2005, the Italian company Fleet Consult asked the SSC to develop a program to monitor diesel vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. The said vehicle was a light car, a Fiat Marea 1.9 JTD SW Euro 3, equipped with a common rail. It drove 6,500 km using XBEE Diesel.

The program analyzed the following parameters:

  • Regulated polluting emissions: CO, HC, NOx;
  • Particles and CO2; and
  • Diesel consumption.

Measures have been performed in compliance with a regulatory test under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC, directive 98/69CE) implementing sampling procedure ECE 15 as specified in directive 91/441/CEE. The cycle itself is subdivided into two cycles, the Urban Driving Cycle (UDC) and the Extra-urban Driving Cycle (EUDC).